Chapter in the Springer LNCS about: Automated Web-Based Geoprocessing of Rental Prices

 We published a chapter in the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book:  For anyone interested in our paper, the  camera ready manuscript can be found here: ICCSA_FINAL_Camera_Ready.pdf (48 Downloads)  The final publication is available at

I presented the paper at the 17th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications (ICCSA 2017). My slides can be found here: 2017_Automated_web_based_processing_Real_estate_data_28_06_17_new_design-1.pdf (35 Downloads)

Abstract of the paper : Automated Web-Based Geoprocessing of Rental Prices by Schernthanner eT AL.

Increasingly, geodata processing is being relocated to web-based services. A pioneering role was played here by the Open Geospatial Consortium(OGC) and the standardized OGC Web Processing Services (WPS). In addition to WPS, a large number of non-standardized online services and libraries, developed in the recent years, allow the web-based processing of spatial data. As geodata processing moved to web-based services, it led to an exponential increase in the availability of data with a spatial component on the World Wide Web.

R-Shiny dashboard with automatically generated variogram



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