Leaflet.js Intro

I did a basic introduction to Leaflet.js at Maptime BER. The goal was to give a short introduction on how to make a webmap with Leaflet.js. About 40 mappers, from novices to experts, attented the event at the IXDS Berlin. we talked anput Map API´s in general and I should code examples and explained how to integrate different Tilemap Services into leaflet and how to make basic markers and popups with some content :-). 90 minutes hardly have been enough to demonstrate the basic ideas of leaflet. Beside fighting with technical problems, that made me even switch to a Mac, the tutorial was fun and I hope the participants will profit from it. The IXDS in Kreuzberg was a great location! At the end we had a very basic webmap with a marker of the location of our event, here you can see the result: http://schernthanner.de/Demo.html

The examples (scripts) kann be downloaded at:  http://schernthanner.de/Maptime_Leaflet_Intro.zip

Here you can see the slides of the tutorial:

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