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Web-scrape and geocode rental data

As fun-project, from time to time I go on looking into rental data and do some analysis; but what is the best, most fancy analysis, when your database is messy or as it happened in my case, the database stoped to exist. My former source to download rental data, the Nestoria API „dried up“  some months ago, as

Plotly graph experiments

Rent data You can use the height and width attributes to specify the size of the iframe:

Introduction to WebODM and OpenDroneMap (ODM): A few notes

These notes are part of a short introduction to WebODM. The motivation behind this introducion is to show, that an alternative to Agissoft Metashape or Pix4D exists. What is OpenDroneMap and what are it’s capabilites? OpenDroneMap: An open source toolkit for aerial drone imagery. Alternative to propiertary photogrammetric software, able to generate Orthophotos, Point Clouds,