Satellite eyes observe our world: An intro to remote sensing

The original announcement from our MaptimeBER Meetup website:

In our next session we look into the field of remote sensing. Remote sensing technologies are a wide field and earth observation serves as basis for a multitude of mapping applications (e.g. topographical maps). Andreas Fricke, Christian Kuntzsch and Harald Schernthanner from Potsdam university’s geoinformation research group give us a beginner tutorial in processing remote sensing data of Copernicus’ Sentinel programme in QGIS; of course the data is from Berlin!

Questions will be answered, as how to find proper satellite data and how to get the data into QGIS. The tutorial serves as a starting point for your own discoveries in processing satellite imagery. To take part in the workshop, please install QGIS on your notebook. Installers and instructions on how to install QGIS in a Windows, Linux or Mac environment can be found on the QGIS project website:

Information on where to download the satellite data before the Maptime session follows.

Andreas tells us about his expedition to Siberia organized by the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Centre for Polar and Marine Research (AWI). He gives us some insights on how he maps