Web Feature Service: Rental offers from Berlin and it’s surroundings

Since September 2017 I fetch rental data from Berlin and it’s surroundings (e.g. Potsdam, Ludwigsfelde, Oranienburg). I hook myself to the Nestoria portal and parse their data to the shapefile format ; shapefile is used for the convenience of several R-libraries I use.

So I thought, why not to publish some of the data via my Geoserver instance as WFS. I chose the following daily snapshots: 7.11.17, 22.12.17, 23.12.17, 19.1.18 From time to time I´ll add more layers. Using this url you can add the datasets as WFS layer to your favorite GIS:

Have fun with the data :-). If you need more or all data I collected till September, just contact me.

Each data set covers around 7000 geocoded rental offers, coming from different providers. I’ll go on collecting, as I want to observe quarterly changes, the standard interval in rental market observation; let´s see maybe I can discover some interesting spatial patterns after longer observation period. Maybe someone of you has ideas, what else can be done with the data. Just as eye catcher I did the heat map below, unfortunately I can’t figure out how to create a legend of the heat map in QGIS (2.18) – so basically red means a high base rent per square metre. It seems that heat maps in QGIS don´t have an option to add a legend. The grey points represent the rental offers locations.

Refer to this older blog post, if you are interested in the data-collection method script: https://schernthanner.de/shell-script-to-automate-downloading-of-rental-data-using-wget-jq-a-cronjob

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