Harald Schernthanner

  🌎   🛰️ ,  I ♥ QGIS and authored a 📔 about spatial rental data analysis::

About me

Since April 2018, I have been working with drones and UAVs, LIDAR data and structure for motion (SfM). I maintain and expand our drone infrastructure, further I manage our GIS, remote sensing and IT infrastructure.

In the last few years I have regularly authored and co-authored GIS-related scientific publications. I have about 50 publications to my credit, and I hold talks on international and national geoinformatics and computer science conferences and GI (geoinformation) and tech-related events, with a focus on the spatial analysis of real estate data. I authored a book about spatial rental data analysis: https://www.springer.com/de/book/9783658177737

I have 10 years of experience teaching BSc and MSc students at universities, as part of the master’s programmes in ‘Geoinformation and visualization’ and ‘Remote sensing, geoinformation and visualization’. I supervised numerous master’s theses in the field of geoinformatics and remote sensing.

You can contact me via harald@schernthanner.de